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Allergy Treatment Services

Explore Our Comprehensive Set of Allergy Treatment Services

Allergy Testing

General allergy skin testing to reliably determine the cause of an allergic reaction.

Drug Allergies

Testing, identification, and treatment for patients with drug-related allergies.

Food Allergies

Treatment for patients with abnormal immune responses to non-threatening foods.

Insect Allergies

Treatment for local, large local, and systemic anaphylactic reactions to insect stings.

Skin Allergies

Treatment for hives, allergic contact dermatitis, and other irritating skin allergies.

Hay Fever

Treatment for patients with discomfort caused by hay fever (allergic rhinitis).


Treatment for patients with allergic reactions to non-threatening substances like latex.

Immune Deficiency

Primary immunodeficiency disease (PIDD) & Secondary diagnosis and treatment.


Immunotherapy includes traditional, RUSH and Cluster

Asthma Care

When you or your child is faced with asthma (a chronic airway disease that makes breathing difficult), you'll need a trusted medical professional and partner to walk you through the steps necessary to get the best treatment. Park Cities Allergy & Asthma wants you to know that regardless of the fact that there is no cure for Asthma, symptoms can be controlled to live a full and active life.

Allergy Testing

Your allergist must first determine what is causing your allergy in order to manage your allergy symptoms most effectively. Once the specific allergens causing symptoms have been identified through allergy testing, a treatment plan aimed at controlling your allergy symptoms. Allergy testing is ideally performed through skin testing since the results are available immediately and are more reliable than blood testing.


Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, involves injecting very small amounts of the substances causing the allergic symptoms and, over time, building up to full immunizing doses. They help how your body handles allergens and can be very helpful, and safe. Allergy shots may be an option if your allergy symptoms are severe, occur for most of the year, if they do not respond well to medicine, and if they happen when you are around hard to avoid allergens, such as pollens or house dust mites. At PCAAA we offer Traditional, RUSH and Cluster Immunotherapy.