As the husband of a patient who put off getting in for some help (OK, it was pretty egregious), I can really tell you-- it was wonderful to see Dr. Schroeder, and her great staff, so willing to stop what they were doing in order to make sure that a bad situation didn't turn into a crisis. I expect that technically competent physicians aren't all that hard to find, but when a skilled doctor is willing to go so far above and beyond the call of duty, over days and days, making someone feel like a family member or a friend rather than a "patient", that's just extraordinary. I think most doctors, not willing or able to go to that trouble, would have initially suggested that we just go to the ER, and that would not have been an unreasonable response.

We're so privileged to call Dr. Schroeder our doctor, and she and her staff are exceptional. -Josh Kutchin

I have been a patient at PCAA for 7 years, and have found the doctor and staff to be exceptionally caring and accommodating in many ways. It’s not fun to have severe allergies that require shots, pills, and inhalers to live with the three pets I adore, but they make it as painless and doable as possible for someone who also struggles with significant travel. The “cherry on top” is that they also bring empathy, compassion, and a sense of humor to the experience! I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking its varied services. - Marilyn

I am a big fan of Park Cities Allergy and Skincare! They are always so accommodating, and we never fail to share humor and a few laughs, as well. Oh, and did I say that the results in both categories exceed expectations? This is my go-to place. - Anne

Like most people with eczema, my symptoms improved after childhood to where I had no problems as a teen. Unfortunately, it came back worse than ever in my mid-twenties. After undergoing various treatments abroad and in Texas for the following several years, the first true relief came under the care of Dr. Vinita Schroeder. Past treatments had involved topical ointments, steroid injections, light therapy, diet restrictions, and immunosuppressants - all by very reputable dermatologists but with limited/temporary success.

No one ever suggested I see an allergist, but I couldn’t be more thankful that I acted on the referral from a friend and gave Dr. Schroeder a chance. With allergy shots and medication, I quickly felt like myself again with the discomfort and anxiety from the eczema gone. My family members and friends have even made comments on how great my skin looks.

The staff and doctors at Park Cities Allergy are so attentive and welcoming, that I feel spoiled when I am there. Everyone honestly knows me by name. More importantly, Dr. Schroeder is an attentive, responsive, knowledgeable, and inventive doctor. Every other doctor I’ve seen could learn a lot from her method of practicing. - Erin

I have been a patient of Dr. Schroeder for years now and I can't say anything but good things about my experience. I used to have the worst allergies, and now I sneeze here and there during Spring and Fall. Furthermore, Dr. Schroeder and her staff have always been friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Park Cities Allergy & Asthma. -Federico

I have now been a patient of Dr. Schroeder for approximately 12 years. I was crippled with allergies and even had to cancel some diving and skiing trips before becoming a patient at her clinic. Dr. Schroeder was at a school I was working at and saw me barely even able to breath. She approached me and suggested I'm come into her office to see if she could help. I went through a painless procedure to identify exactly what I was allergic to and Dr. Schroeder explained in very simple details why I would be a candidate for allergy shots. My insurance covered almost all of the payments.

She and her staff were so attentive and friendly, plus having the thought of actually becoming healthier I decided to give it a try. Twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday I would walk into the most friendly environment for two shots in my arms. They were at first painless, but as the serum became stronger I did experience some itching. We began to use a spray that helped with the itching. Later, the shots were reduced to once a week. My arms became a little tired so they suggested alternating and using my thighs instead of my arms. This was much easier for me and less uncomfortable.

Dr. Schroeder and her staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, they really care and it shows. I am greeted by my first name and always feel I am visiting friends when I walk into her beautiful and elegant office. I now have a good understanding of how allergies effect my lungs and have been able to resume all my outdoor activities including hiking, scuba, skiing, and have added snowshoeing and biking. In one sentence ... Dr. Schroeder has not only increased my outdoor life style but allowed me to add to it. I no longer take allergy shots but do continue with Advair. I cannot thank her and her staff enough. -Lesley


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