What can I expect at my new patient visit?
Dr. Schroeder will initially meet with you to take a detailed medical history. Based on the findings of the medical history, the physician will decide what testing should be done; this may include allergy skin testing and/or breathing tests for asthma. Using the results of your testing along with your medical history, the physician will decide on an appropriate course of action, tailored to your specific needs.

How long do visits take?
New patient visits generally take 1-2 hours depending on complexity of the situation. Follow-up appointments are usually much shorter.

What medications do I need to stop taking for my new patient appointment?
You will not need to stop taking any medication unless you may have an allergy skin test on the appointment date. If you are skin testing you will need to stop all antihistamines (prescription and over-the-counter) for 7 days prior to your visit since they can interfere with the results of the testing. Some medications for anxiety, sleep, pain & depression can also interfere with allergy testing. If you are on any of these medications and have an appointment with us, please contact your pharmacy to see if the medication contains antihistamine or phenopropaline. Most nasal sprays & asthma medications should be continued as usual.

What happens during allergy testing? Does it hurt?
In most cases we perform skin testing since it is the most accurate and rapid approach to diagnosing allergy problems. A light application of each suspected allergen is made to the patient's skin, usually with a small disposable plastic device that gently pricks the back with little or no discomfort. Even young children will usually have no difficulty with this.

How old do I have to be to see an allergist?
We see patients of all ages, from infant to senior citizens. Allergies and asthma can develop at any age.


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