Thanksgiving Survival Guide - Food Allergies and Holidays November 22 2016

This holiday, you are probably entertaining in your home, or visiting family and friends to celebrate one another with a grand meal! This is most certainly an American tradition - but as more and more folks learn more about food intolerance and allergies - the traditional plates and dishes seem hard to prepare in a way that everyone's specific needs can be met - and also our friends and family's traditional tastes will be satisfied. We've prepared a few tips to help you this holiday season to avoid nasty reactions and discomfort due to food allergies and other intolerance with our treasured Thanksgiving sustenance.

Turkey tip: go gluten free... Some turkeys come packaged with a broth/dressing that contain wheat, which may be dangerous to some. Quick fix: omit the gravy packet and use your own recipe using 'safe' ingredients.

Limit heavy cream and butters...We know that heavy creams and lots of butter is a time tested tasty tradition that ensures satisfaction in the Thanksgiving dishes of the South. Whether it's your mashed potatoes, or your pies and cakes - look for healthier (non-dairy) substitutes for butter and milk - such as broths, rice and almond milks, olive oil and seasonings. Did you know? They even have a butter-flavored grape seed oil to give buttery goodness to your potatoes and other recipes.

Stuff it to the stuffing (and the breads!) Read ingredients on pre-packaged stuffing and dressing kits. They often use white bread - also check back of the package to ensure none of the seasonings will pose a danger to you or your guests. Find a nice recipe that uses non-gluten breads or alternatives to the high-carb white bread.