Enjoying Outdoor Events With Allergies July 03 2017

Ahhhh, Summertime in Texas... when families take breaks for barbecues, poolside parties and water skiing at the lake. The great outdoors in Texas: where the sun is hot, the beer is cold, the food is grilling and (wah-wah) allergies abound.

So how can you have a festive Summer without being miserable from itchy eyes, hives, runny nose and other symptoms of irritants and outdoor allergy triggers? Like most other solutions we've encountered on our blog - the answer is being prepared.

Steer clear of stings: insect bites commonly cause allergic reactions! So use bug sprays and be aware of hives and nests where you are. It's also a great idea to have an EpiPen on hand, as some insect or bee stings can cause breathing problems as a reaction!

Take note of temperature: heat effects us all differently. If you are sensitive to heat, or if you break out in a rash - find a cool spot under a tree or go indoors. Whether or not you have a sensitivity to heat - take an umbrella and lots of water.

Be careful of chlorine: chlorine can irritate your eyes and can cause some irritation to those who have an allergy. Just be aware, that most pools use some sort of chemical or treatment - so before you swim, if you need to know - ask!

Screen your suncreen:  yes - you could be allergic to your sunscreen! Or, maybe it doesn't mesh with you. If you get bumps or a rash after using your sunscreen, it could be the sunscreen itself, or a heat rash. Try swapping sunscreens. But do all this testing BEFORE the big barbecue or visit to the lake...

Be aware of your food allergies: surely you aren't allergic to hot dogs! But you never know. If you have an allergy to that barbecue - then don't eat it. Bring your own food (which you're used to doing anyway, right?) or ask the cooks to grill you something different.

Have a safe and happy fourth!