Are You Allergic To Dallas? May 22 2017

Chances are, you are a Dallas native and you're used to Spring pollen and crazy weather. Similar to the weather, allergies flaring up this time of the year is very predictable. Storms are not just brewing in the air, allergies fire up too.

Part of this is because in Dallas and all of North Texas - various plants pollinate year round. We can thank the consistency of warm weather: which means different types of plants are active at different times. Our North Texas area have plants that are cycling through constant pollination. And now that the threat of freezing has passed, the grasses are starting to think about pollination for Spring and Summer. And ragweed will be next...

Understanding these pollination cycles and seasonal activities of the trees and plants can help Allergists understand and customize treatment for their patients.

Most native Texans have go-to holistic remedies like neti-pots, face masks, and essential oils as well as over-the-counter medications. We have many patients who benefit greatly from allergy shot therapies and other prescription medications.

May is a tough month for many, but with proper diagnosis and tools - you can tackle Texas allergies like a pro.




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